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pieces of white christmas slice on a white plate

Caramilk White Christmas Slice

Caramilk White Christmas Slice - a Christmas classic with fruit, nuts, coconut & puffed rice but using Caramilk chocolate in place of the usual white chocolate.
Course Sweet Treat
Cuisine Modern Australian
Plus setting time 3 hours
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 16
Calories 196kcal
Author Lee-Ann Grace | Chef Not Required


  • 360 g Caramilk chocolate - 2 x 180g blocks (12½oz)
  • 1 cup rice bubbles (puffed rice)
  • ½ cup sultanas
  • cup glace cherries chopped
  • cup slivered almonds roughly chopped
  • cup desiccated coconut


  • Break Caramilk chocolate (360g/12½oz) into squares and place in a microwave safe bowl.
  • Melt chocolate in the microwave in short 30 second bursts, mixing between each burst using a metal spoon.
  • Add rice bubbles (1 cup), sultanas (½ cup), chopped glace cherries (⅓ cup), roughly chopped slivered almonds (⅓ cup) and desiccated coconut (⅓ cup) to the same bowl, mixing well to combine.
  • Grease and line a baking tin, leaving paper overhanging the sides for easy removal.
  • Add chocolate mixture to the tin, pressing firmly and spreading it into the corners. Place into the fridge for 2-3 hours to set, then slice into squares.


  • Caramilk chocolate not available where you live? You could use white chocolate, plus add ½ tsp of vanilla essence to the mix.
  • The baking tin I used is 18cm (7 ¼") square (base measurement) - my slice came out approx 2cm (1 ¾") thick. The great thing about a no bake slice like this is that the "baking tin" (see next point) can vary in size without having to change cooking times etc. Your slice will just be thicker or thinner.
  • The reason I have used quotation marks for "baking tin" is that being no bake, it doesn't need to be a tin! If you have something else that's the right size like a Tupperware container etc you can use that.
  • Even though we aren't baking this slice, I still recommend greasing and lining the tin or container you use. This will help you get the slice out once it's cold.
*Please note that the amount of calories per serve is provided as a guide only, as ingredients and cooking methods can vary greatly*


Calories: 196kcal